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We have developed hair clips that impress not only with their design but also with their quality and an innovative clamping mechanism.

Our clips are made of acetate, a natural product derived from cotton, and undergo a complex manufacturing process.

The result: Durable and stylish clips that, thanks to their robust clamping mechanism, hold firmly in the hair while feeling feather-light.

What materials are your clips made of?

Our clips are made of acetate, a natural product. It is obtained from cellulose, an organic fiber. The starting material for the extraction of acetate is cotton. Unlike for processing into textiles, cotton goes through a complex process on its way to becoming acetate. For the clip production, the cotton is dried, ground into cellulose powder, then mixed with acetic acid, dyed, patterned and, at the end of the process, processed into solid sheet material. The clip frame is then cut and milled from these acetate plates.

How do i take care of my clips?

To prevent metals from discolouring and rusting, keep items away from water and fragrance. Please also keep all products out of direct sunlight/heat as this may cause material deformation.

How is the price of your hair clips composed?

The primary component of our price comes from the clip itself. Through a detailed manufacturing process, we transform the natural raw material, cellulose acetate, into our unique hair clip. In comparison, our quality offers an unbeatable value for money, justifying every investment. What's the use of a clip that might be inexpensive, but fails on its first use?

Another significant cost factor is the engraving of statements and symbols, as well as the attachment of little gems, all done with meticulous handcrafting.

Additional costs include shipping, logistics, and the support of our dedicated team in Berlin.

How does the 3X2 offer work?

Simply add 3 of your favourite statements clips to your cart. The discount will apply automatically.

Our Anti Breakage Guarantee

We understand that hairclips can be fragile and break easily which is why we've designed our clips to be both strong and durable. But in the unlikely event that our clips do break, we offer a 30-day anti-breakage guarantee. We stand by the quality of our clips and are confident that it will be a reliable and long-lasting addition to your accessory collection.

Female-founded Startup

LINDACE was founded by two friends, Linda & Kelly.

Both of them have a love for hair clips. Tired of conventional clips that seem expressionless and boring, they decided to redefine the accessory game with statement clips that elevate your look.



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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping😊 Noch €60 bis zum Gratisversand
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